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Our Story

Christian & Magnus

Christian & Magnus met through their love of real ale and craft beer.

Magnus was working for Christian in the brewery and at Teardrop; a bar in Oxford's Covered Market; owned by Christian and his wife Luciana.


They are both big foodies and love cooking all kinds of foods from around the world. So, when Christian approached Magnus about opening a pizzeria from the brewery he was delighted to be involved.

So, quickly, Christian worked on the menu and branding for the new pizzeria. Carefully selecting a few ingredients for a simple yet delicious range of classic Neapolitan style pizza.

Magnus got to work on developing the dough recipe. He started with a simple dough to test the concept in our small oven. We quickly outgrew this small oven and with the upgrade came the addition of sourdough to leaven the dough with a more developed flavour and a crispy crust.

Our Founding Team

The team started small:

Christian and his daughter Beatriz.

Magnus and his mum Isobel.

The rest of Christian's family stepped in after Beatriz and Isobel streamlined the service and more people came looking for our delicious pizza.

Thankyou Luciana, Matyas, Alexander and Eva.

Together we make an ace team.


Soon we needed some help from friends and locals from the area.

Special thanks to:

Wendy and Simon who helped us to establish our delivery service and extended our local customer base. They run an excellent dog boarding and walking service in Long Hanborough.

Claire who added some flair to our social media presence with her keen eye and inspiring photography skills. 

Jack who took over caring for our sourdough starter, Sarah, and has since poured love and dedication into making exceptional dough each and every time.


Thank you to all of our loyal regulars for your continued support.

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