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We are a decent pizza shack 

in a nano-brewery in Oxfordshire.

Partnered with Church Hanbrewery, Sartorelli's opened in April 2020 as a result of the Covid-19 lock-down restrictions.


It was started by Christian and Magnus to help the surrounding community by providing a service during a bleak time when treats would otherwise be scarce. Working quickly, we set up in one week and orders came flying in. Locals were thrilled to have this fresh new bite right on their doorstep and better yet; we deliver beer too!


We quickly outgrew our small oven and had to upgrade to a bigger one, meaning we could keep up with a growing demand. With our capacity increased and as lock-down measures eased, we set up a small area outside the brewery where people could enjoy our pizza fresh from the oven with beer from Church Hanbrewery and wine; expertly picked for us by The Market Cellar Door.

Join us as we continue our journey.


This is where we hide:

Unit F2

New Yatt Business Centre

New Yatt, North Leigh

Witney OX29 6TJ


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