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The simplest thigs are the most difficult to perfect, and it took Magnus a while, but we think he nailed our base. It is simple, yet very difficult to make or replicate.

High quality English Tipo 00 flour from our local mill.


Oxfordshire water


Sartorelli's sourdough starter is called Sarah


Right amount of seasoning


A touch of extra virgin olive oil


Perfect temperature control


Patience and great attention to detail

pizza dough

£5.00 / kg

We stretch our pizza bases by hand -  this is the only way to create a thin pizza centre and a Neapolitan crust.


It is impossible to make great pizza without a wood fired oven. Our pizzas are baked at 400 C using a mixture of soft and hard wood that, combined, deliver the right amount of heat for the base, a nice flame for the topping and the authentic wood fired flavour and character.


Teardrop is a nano-pub serving beers from Church Hanbrewery and other local breweries, located two doors away from the pizzeria. Full of character, distinct, flavoursome, and natural; Church Hanbrewery beers are uniquely delicious.

There are always at least eight flavours on draught and a lot more in bottles.

Church Hanbrewery brews a special beer for us called SartoHelles - Sartorelli's signature lager. Soon to be available in bottles.

It is possible to purchase beer on draught to takeaway. Bring your own vessels or get one of the beautiful bottles available in the brewery.

draught beer to takeaway

£6.00 / litre

500ml bottles - £3.75

BeerMat - Front.png


The Market Cellar Door is a small independent shop in Oxford located next door to our pizzeria.

Why don't you get a glass with your pizza?

New Menu - 2023 Oxford (Front).png


Dine In or Take Away

Tuesday - Sunday:

Pizza, tapas and ice cream from 11Am

Beer and Wine available next door.

The Covered Market


We make our own tomato sauce using the best ingredients. Once again, the secret is in the simplicity.

Quality Italian plum tomatoes

Lots of garlic

Right touch of seasoning


A dash of extra virgin olive oil


Herbs and spices


tomato sauce

£10.00 / kg


We offer four basic pizzas that can be customised with nine extra toppings.


Our short ingredient list means we can guarantee all ingredients are always fresh and at their best. Also, there is virtually no waste at the end of the week.

But, if our calculations are correct, with our four pizza bases and 11 extra toppings, it is possible to create hundreds of pizzas - this is without doubling up on any extra topping. 

Where and when possible, we source locally.

We are also very happy to for anyone to bring their own toppings so we can add to the pizza. One of our regulars brings her home-grown mushrooms.



Christian used to make ice cream with his grandmother and his childhood dream was to open his own ice-cream factory. He reckons he eats ice cream at least 6 days a week.

Selfishly, he created recipes of his three favourite flavours for Sartorelli's - Amalfi lemon, pistachio and stracciatella. 

 We make our own ice cream using the freshest cream and natural ingredients. Yes, we use real things such as real chocolate, real vanilla, real pistachio nuts, and real lemon. No artificial flavouring or colouring, no preservatives. All served in compostable tubs.

We are now looking for a local dairy farm to supply high quality cream and milk for our ice-creams. If you know any, please let us know.

 We sell ice creams in tubs of 250ml that are great for one adult of two children sharing. We also sell ice cream in larger volumes for parties, on demand.

ice cream 

250ml tub - £4.00

£12.50 / litre



Magic Dust is our playful ice cream sprinkle. Superb.

Very nutty and chocolaty, its recipe is a secret locked with seven keys. In fact, there only one person in the world who knows how to make it and according to this person the recipe will go with them to their grave. We cannot even say who it is.

 It is great on ice cream or other sweet treats such as fruits, cakes, cheesecakes, and pancakes. 

magic dust

250ml tub - £4.00

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