Our Story

Christian & Magnus

Christian & Magnus met through their love of real ale and craft beer.

Magnus was working for Christian in the brewery and at Teardrop; a bar in Oxford's Covered Market; owned by Christian and his wife Luciana.


They are both big foodies and love cooking all kinds of foods from around the world. So, when Christian approached Magnus about opening a pizzeria from the brewery he was delighted to be involved.

So, quickly, Christian worked on the menu and branding for the new pizzeria. Carefully selecting a few ingredients for a simple yet delicious range of classic Neapolitan style pizza.

Magnus got to work on developing the dough recipe. He started with a simple dough to test the concept in our small oven. We quickly outgrew this small oven and with the upgrade came the addition of sourdough to leaven the dough with a more developed flavour.

Our Team

The team started small; Christian and his daughter Beatriz, Magnus and his mum Isobel.